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Jan 20, - Saudi Arabia is the world's leading country in the use of torture-by-flogging, public beheadings and publically crucifying condemned prisoners.

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Jan 23, - A schoolgirl in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 90 lashes and two Girl was reported to have hit woman over the head with glass after an. May 10, - Saudi Arabia after being convicted of attacking the head of their orphanage, an official said on Tuesday. The girls received 10 lashes each.

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Oct 13, - In Saudi Arabia, the girls are held down by a policewoman while they are whipped by a man. In the United Arab Emirates, they are ordered to. Oct 13, - Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia, where judges can hand down public They say there's no upper limit to the number of lashes that those found guilty A year-old woman known as the "al-Qatif Girl" was with a male friend.

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The Qatif rape case is a much-publicized gang rape case. The victims were a Shia young woman from Qatif (Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia) and her male companion, who were kidnapped and gang-raped by seven Saudi men in mid A Saudi Sharia court sentenced the perpetrators to varying sentences The female victim provided more details in interviews published in Arabic. Nov 17, - A judge in Saudi Arabia has ordered a victim of gang rape to known by the Saudi media as "the girl from Qatif", was raped 14 times by a gang.

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Jun 23, - Only a girl will not be held because a minor, but will be punished with 80 lashes. Saudi law forbids socializing between unrelated men and. Jan 25, - Amnesty International has written to the Saudi Arabian authorities urging them to ensure that a year-old girl is spared a punishment of public.

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Mar 6, - A woman who was violently gang raped in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of. Dec 18, - King Abdullah pardoned a woman sentenced to lashes after pressing RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — King Abdullah has pardoned a woman who The woman, who has been publicly identified only as the “Qatif girl,” said.

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Nov 16, - JIDDA, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 15 — A Saudi court on Tuesday more than doubled the number of lashes that a female rape victim was sentenced to. Mar 12, - Trial to start in Saudi Arabia for jailed female activists, relatives and rights lawyer, Nasrin Soteudeh, to 38 years in prison and lashes.

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Nov 24, - Two women in Saudi Arabia each sentenced to 20 lashes and 10 A PAIR of Saudi women have been sentenced to 10 days in prison and 20 lashes for the . Oritse Williams' manager admits touching 'zombified' girl as 'star. The girl, who has not been named, was also sentenced to two months in jail by a court in the A criminal gets a public flogging by two officials in Saudi Arabia.